2.9.2017 - tunesischer Musik Abend

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Achref Chargui, Aoud ? Tunis
Mohamed Amine Kalaï, Karouan ? Kanun
guests at the percussion
22 Eur / Abendkasse 23 Eur

It?s commonly believed that the Tunisian music have been imported from Al Andalus (Muslim Spain) from the 10th to 17th centuries but also have influences from the ottoman music that was imported since the 16th. Therefore it is a complex tradition that can be assimilated to a coherent system with specific rules and theories.

Our performance is intended to expose some of those varied influences from both east and west Mediterranean regions.

The istikhbar is a unique term used in the Tunisian music meaning literary ? testing? , it?s the equivalent to the Arabic and Turkish word ?taksim? which means improvisation, it has a cornerstone  place in the performance of the traditional Tunisian music as well as the popular music but here we will focus on the traditional execution style as it is considered the classical and most refined and accomplished one.

We will present a selection of some of the masterpieces of the instrumental repertoire of the Tunisian music in various forms: Semai, Longa, Bashraf in various melodic modes called tubu , this Tunisian term is equivalent to the Arabic and ottoman word ?makam? as well as a selection of instrumental version of various Tunisian songs from more recent repertoire (early and late 20th) to present the modern Tunisian music composition style with its new influences.

We hope that with our reasershed selection you will enjoy a new experience with the Tunisian music as part of the Arabic music of North Africa.

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