workshop participation conditions

All groups will take place in the Ernst-Leitz Grundschule in D-79295 Sulzburg.

fees - application dates 
Please sign in before 31.07.2016. The above given fees include the concert at the 1st September. Other tickets can be ordered in advance saparately. It is given a reduction for students generally or (not both) for early applications before 15th of April 2016 the workshop fees will then be 238 €. Please confirm your application by sending a deposit of 50 €. Banc Account data see in the confirmation mail.

accommodation & food
Accommodation and food is not included. We will send you a hotel list and more informations after your sign in. We will organize a corporate meal. 
!!accomodation should be booked early!! 

practical things 
Details about the lessons you will find on our website. You do not have an own instrument? Please ask us, we will find a solution. Basic lessons language is English.

cancelling your application
In case of cancelling your participation your deposit payment will be kept. If you cancel after the 1st of July, half of the fees have to be paid and after the 1.8.2016 we need the full fee or you bring us another student who takes your place. 

We cannot overtake any responsibility for accidents or loss of your personal ownerships.

travelling to us
You can reach Sulzburg easily by train (Freiburg-Heitersheim) or by plane (Airport Basel/Mulhouse) with bus connection or by car. Detailed informations will be send to you after your application.

place and organisation
The workshop weekend will happen in the primary school of D-79295 Sulzburg. We will work in the classrooms there.